Help re-equip the Kyiv temple basements into bomb shelter

Help re-equip the Kyiv temple basements into bomb shelter

$7,500 of $29,800 raised

In order to protect the devotees and guests in the Kyiv temple in turbulent times during active hostilities, we are asking you to help re-equip the temple basements into a fully equipped bomb shelter.

During the air raids, since the war broke out, many people from the neighbourhood, devotees living there and guests attending the programs are hiding in the temple basements. A place that is safely and properly organized can save the lives of hundreds of people, including Vaisnavas who will be hiding there during the most active phases of the protracted war on the territory of Ukraine.

In addition to the most important aspect, security, in order to legally have any gathering of people during the war, there must be a well-equipped bomb shelter indoors. At the moment, programs are held regularly, despite the risks associated with the fact that the premises are not sufficiently equipped.

We are asking for your help.

We are now at the initial stage – we plan to install fire-protective doors in all basements, namely 15 doors. If there happen indoor fires or explosions, each room will be isolated. This will make it possible to evacuate people if any possible force majeure circumstances occur.

The total budget of the project is USD 29,800. It and includes the following components: doors, interior works, electrical wiring, water supply and water disposal, ventilation.

Thank you for your care in such tough times.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-time donation only!!

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