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The city of Kherson has been occupied for 5 months, its territory is not under Ukrainian control. The city is right on the south front line. People are forced to evacuate from Kherson via third countries, such as Georgia, as crossing the front line is very dangerous for life.

Stoka Krishna prabhu, the community leader, tells about the situation in which the devotees found themselves and thanks for the help:

…From the very moment hostilities broke out in the Kherson region, the devotees found themselves in various difficult life situations. Someone has lost a job and a source of income to support their family. Half of the community was forced to move out and leave their homes. Some devotees needed financial support in order to receive qualified medical care. And all these five months, Share your care fund has been there for us, providing very timely and relevant support. The fund has already helped dozens of devotees from Kherson and their families.
Despite all the obstacles, the Vaishnavas remaining in Kherson are still gathering to chant the holy names. Every Sunday, devotees hold a program, study the holy scriptures together. Twice a week the devotees hold small harinama in the city. Every morning the devotees attend the Srimad Bhagavatam class in Zoom. Devotees distribute prasadam as part of the Food for Life program every week. All this has become possible also thanks to the huge support that the Kherson devotees receive through the Share your care fund.

Our team is very happy that we can help these devotees. You personally or your community can take the patronage over them. The approximate monthly budget is USD 1,200.

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