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Become a Patron for Mykolaiv Yatra for December, 2023

Now Accepting Donations for December 2023

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Now Accepting Donations for December 2023

Sastrakrit prabhu is telling about how Mykolaiv yatra now lives.
This is the city closest to the frontline in the South of Ukraine. It is daily bombarded with projectiles. Most devotees have been evacuated to safer regions. But still, there are devotees who are still staying there: they cannot leave their parents behind, someone is in such poor health that they cannot survive the relocation. The temple is still holding everyday programs and Sunday feast programs. The Food for Life program is a crucial element in the city's social life - people come to get hot prasadam and Srila Prabhupada's books. The locals have always loved harinamas on the streets, but now there is special meaning attached to harinamas - it is a symbol that spiritual life continues even when everything around collapses. It is quite interesting that the construction works done in the yatra just before the war had to do with repairing the basement... It was really destiny. Now devotees often go down there because of air raids. The devotees remain enthusiastic in serving Srila Prabhupada's mission and are confident that things will get better. They are very humble and hardworking. Caring for these wonderful devotees is the source of great joy for us.
The amount of monthly expenses is USD 1650. Expenses include maintaining elderly devotees who have been evacuated to safer locations. Personally or through the efforts of your community, you can take patronage over the Mykolaiv Yatra.

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