Please Help Bahmut Yatra

Please Help Bahmut Yatra Get Through The Winter

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Dear Devotees,
We received a request from Bahmut Yatra. Bahmut is small city located in the eastern part of Ukraine. Now it’s a front line. Our usual practice is to encourage devotees to leave dangerous places and many of them already left the city but around 10 devotees still remain. Our goal is to supply them with warm clothes, medicine, batteries, mobile stoves.

Message from mataji Olena and her son

We live in Bakhmut. The city is on the front line. It is suffering from constant bombing and shelling. It is very scary for us to leave the house as we never know where the next projectile will hit. The area around the house and the yard has already been damaged. When those projectiles hit, neighbors died because of explosions.

At home very often we have no electricity, no water, no Internet. We have to cook food outside on the street.
Jobs are nowhere to be found.

The best solution in this situation would be to evacuate, but, due to some reasons we cannot do this. We are in a truly horrendous situation and we will appreciate any help.

Andrij prabhu:

I’m a retired person. I have lost his job due to the war. A misfortune happened. On August 26, a missile hit a five-story block of flats I live in. My house is half destroyed and it is impossible to live there when it is cold outside. Windows and doors are destroyed. I am suffering from health problems – back issues. I cannot buy medicines to take care of it since the pharmacies in the city are closed, I have no opportunity to go to another city to buy medicines.

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