Anadi Gopla prabhu in hospital

Anadi prabhu really needs our help!

Anadi prabhu really needs our help! He is one of senior Vaisnavas of the Kherson Yatra. He is very dear to devotees far beyond his yatra. He is always very attentive and caring when dealing with others, now he needs our support. His city is on the frontline; because of it, Anadi Prabhu has no income left. He is quite seriously ill and he needs a number of serious surgeries. The Share Your Care Fund team is asking you to help as much as you can in order to save the life of this wonderful Vaishnava.

Stoka Krsna prabhu, Kherson Yatra leader says:

Anadi prabhu (Oleksandr Kharlamov) is, literally, the most hard-working devotee in the Kherson community. He is responsible for building the Kherson Temple. He is the treasurer and accountant of the yatra. He is in charge of the temple market. He serves as a cook. He keeps track of sankirtana statistics. He arranged printing Vaishnava books. He is always reliable and responsive to devotees’ requests. He is respected and has authority among the devotees. He is a member of the temple council and vice president of the community.

Below is the letter we received from Anadi Prabhu.

Hare Krsna!
Please accept my obeisances.

Since November 7, 2021, there have been sharp pains in my stomach from time to time. For three months we were having appointments with various doctors. Some immediately said that I was absolutely healthy as far as their domain is concerned, some made some assumptions about the diagnosis and prescribed examination and treatment, but after the examination, the diagnosis was not confirmed. And only visits to an osteopath brought some relief. All these examinations, doctors, medications cost a lot of money, but having a stable income made me confident that I could borrow the necessary amount and then gradually pay the money back.

Unfortunately, from March 1, I no longer have any kind of income and only the support of your fund helped pay off the debt. The health problem did not completely go away, but with a certain diet, daily routine and recommendations of an osteopath, it stopped bothering me especially until 30 May, when I had a severe fit after which I was admitted to the hospital and on June, 9 I was operated on. At the same time, the doctors immediately warned that this operation would only alleviate my condition, and then I would need another one would be needed to solve the problem. I was referred for examination to oncology center and today, after all the tests and examinations were run, the doctor gave a diagnosis – a malignant tumor of the large intestine. At the same time, he assured me that it was operable. They were ready to operate on me if we purchased everything necessary for this, from sterile gloves and bandages to surgical staples, threads, anesthesia, etc. The surgery costs USD 1,100.”

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100% funded
Thanks to you, we’ve raised $2,565.00 across all our congregations and have met our fundraising goal!

We are very grateful to all of you who participated in this urgent case for your sincere desire to help in any way you could.