ISKCON Lviv Temple Needs an Electricity Generator

ISKCON Lviv Temple Needs an Electricity Generator

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ISKCON Lviv temple, which is a humanitarian hub for devotees, needs an electricity generator.

Hare Krishna,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

We need the equipment for the temple located in the city of Lviv, not far from the Polish border. Since the beginning of the war, many devotees have had a stopover in our temple, and some have been staying to live in the temple because they have nowhere to go. Although the temple is small, sometimes hundreds of devotees and even family members who are not devotees but travel together with them stay there.

Devotees from other countries have sent humanitarian aid thanks to which we have been able to support everyone who comes to our temple. At a critical time, our “Food for Life” mission distributed up to 3,000 portions daily. At the moment, about 15 devotees from the combat zones are living in the temple, we have all the temple programs every day and up to 100 people gather for the Sunday Feast Program. Also once a week we distribute prasadam via the “Food for Life” mission. Because of the aggressors’ air strikes on electricity infrastructure, we are experiencing power outages. The aggressor intends to destroy even more energy infrastructure and the leadership of large cities is laying the ground for evacuating millions of people in winter, which means there will be many devotees coming to our temple again.

Our heating depends on electricity and the kitchen equipment is also electric although it is possible to cook outside with wood fire. But if there is no electricity, there is no heating, which means that it will be impossible for devotees to stay here. Therefore, we need electricity generators to make sure that heating pumps are operational and we are very grateful to the devotees who responded to this vital need and helped us to purchase this equipment as during the winter period such equipment is crucial.

Hare Krishna.

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