ISKCON New Mayapur Needs Power Generators

ISKCON New Mayapur Needs Power Generators

$11,500 of $11,500 raised

More than 100 devotees are deprived of electricity 8-16 hours a day.

Because the energy system of Ukraine has been severely damaged, the ISKCON New Mayapur center needs autonomous power generators.

Eight months ago, more than 250 Vaisnavas gathered in the educational center “NEW MAYAPURA”, fleeing the horrors and destructions brought on by the war.

Many families have come: with elderly parents and small children, there were also pregnant women. It was hard to believe that life would never be the same again, devotees only had photos of destroyed apartments and burning houses on their phones! Thank God, they have been able to stay alive – the most important thing!

In just a few days, all New Mayapura hotels were filled. Everyone had to change their habits, way of life and social circle. What helped the most throughout this difficult time was the culture that Srila Prabhupada gave us! We are Vaisnavas – this is the main thing that has united us and gave support! The daily temple program from mangala arati to Gaura arati with the greeting of the Deities, the Bhagavatam сlass, the daily routine and planned service streamlined our lives.

In a short time after we came, we managed to arrange education for children of all ages, with classes and “live” communication, along with classes on the Internet.

All this time, worshiping the Deities did not stop for a single day; moreover, in April we welcomed the Kharkiv Gaura Nitai Deities and we worship them on one altar every day with the whole community.

Life in the countryside turned out to be a special success: the local forest provided firewood, there is a spring with clean water, we planted a vegetable garden, and grew many vegetables on our own. The cows provided the entire community with local milk and dairy products, and very soon the fields yielded berries, grains and legumes. Everyone had to work hard, but we clearly realize that in the city so many devotees would not have survived in such good conditions. For some, New Mayapura was a temporary refuge, but more than 100 devotees are still living in the center.

The challenges keep coming. Because of the severe damage caused to Ukraine’s energy system we are deprived of electricity 8-16 hours almost every day. Because of this, it is impossible to do puja, ensure vital functions and sanitary standards.

At the moment, we truly need your support so that we can build an autonomous power supply system.

  1. Equipment for biogas unit 1.5 kW. This unit will provide heating for the altar, the greenhouse for Tulasi, and the kitchen operations.
  2. An oxen-powered electric generator. We have enough oxen for this purpose and they are properly looked after. We need to buy a generator that transforms their power into electricity. This will make the bulls very useful and will play a huge role in the cow protection program.
  3. 1000 liters of fuel.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-time donation only!!

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