The Kyiv Temple Bomb Shelter is 100% funded!
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The Kyiv Temple Bomb Shelter is 100% funded!

Bomb shelter is 100% funded!

We are pleased to announce that the fundraising campaign to convert the basement of the Kyiv temple into a bomb shelter has been completed. This has been made possible thanks to HH Bhakti Vijnana Goswami, mataji Devaki, mataji Jahnava TKG and her students from Mainland China.

Mataji Mandakini, who is in charge of construction work, reported on the work progress:

“We are replacing flammable materials with refractory ones, namely special electrical wiring in a refractory wrapping has been installed. Plastic doors have been replaced with fireproof ones. We had to replace the foam plastic wall insulation with fire-resistant insulation. Portable room dividers have been installed. We have also taken care of plastering. Emergency lighting and information signs have been installed. The next steps include replacing wooden support structures with metal ones, insulating pipes with refractory material, and ventilation”.

Follow the link to view the documents confirming payments made: